Well Here We Are!

It looks like I’ve finally gotten around to getting my blog launched. It seems that I’ve been this far before, but it’s really much harder to maintain and develop a blog vs. just getting it started. Hopefully, this time will be a charm.

What’s The Plan?

My plan will be to focus much more on documenting the things I’m learning to help me organize and better remember all these new things I discover and learn, and if I don’t rememeber it, which we know I won’t, I’ll have something here i can refer back to and jog my memory.

I know that there are many things on my list to learn, so my entries my be a bit disjointed in the topics that are being logged, at least initially, though my focus will be around front-end development, starting with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It seems like I’ve been doing this stuff long enough that I would need to start there, but fundamentals are pretty critical and I know that there are some serious gaps in my knowledge.

Stick To The Plan!

But even at this early onset of my new endeavor, I’m going to go off track and spend a little time on something else called Markdown, which is a document formatting mark-up of some kind that I’ve only very recently even heard of. I’ll be looking to this handy guide on Markdown basic syntax for starters. I’ll also be learning a bit about this blogging tool, Hexo, which I just discovered today. I’m going with it due to its apparent simplicity and apparent hackability… hopefully my instinct is true on this choice! Lastly, I will (once again) be delving into GitHub since Hexo is integrated into it by default and, frankly, I just really, really need to get my head out of my ass and learn this one.

OK, that’s all for now. Cheers!